Brain Size

28 Feb

The other day we got to discussing brain sizes… of the lando!  I think we were eating hot pot and I started to ponder the size of lando’s brain.  We compared it to tofu blocks, meat ball, lobster ball or the odd cabbage chunk.  I think one beef tendon ball is a little small for lando’s brain.  Perhaps the size of two beef tendon balls.  Alas, the wifey thinks that too big.  I bet it is probably one and one-half beef tendon ball size.  Just perfect in the middle. =D  All this time what did lando do?  He gazed at us while we were discussing but mostly, he focused on some napa and cabbage pieces.  He was ready for his hot pot veggie snack!  He doesn’t need a big brain, just big enough to use his cuteness to his advantage!


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