hoarding and dressing jason!

2 Mar

whenever i watch tv reality shows about hoarding, i’m always inspired to clean and start throwing a bunch of stuff out.  i try not to keep a lot of useless things around (learned from my mommy) but i still seem to have a lot!  anyways, the reason i mention it is because the shows are so interesting.  for example, i learned that there are lots of different types of hoards, not just people who can’t throw things away.  and there are also professional organizers who specialize in cleaning up hoards and helping the hoarders make decisions!  it must be such an interesting profession.  i could NEVER do it because peoples’ messes freak me out. BUT.  i’m good at throwing things away and making piles. 🙂

and!  jason is so bad at getting dressed.  it’s kind of funny because every morning i look at his outfit and i’m like hrm.  interesting.  when it’s SUPER BAD, i make him go change.  when it’s ok, i let it go.  but i’m not sure he understands the difference between matching and going.  stuff can match but not “go” together.  stuff can “go” together, but not match.  before we were dating i always thought he was like poor and that’s why he wore such random things.  but it turned out that he is the “i like this and this so i will wear it together” type of person.  even now when he has so many nice things  that i’ve picked out for him, he still would rather wear his ratty pj bottoms and a baggy sweatshirt!  rawr!  i will teach him to dress himself!


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