i love coffee.

7 Mar

i love coffee, all types, all forms.  i haven’t been drinking it lately though, because i know i’m addicted.

but, i’ve been getting my coffee kick in other ways.  for example, my latest coffee obsessions are kona coffee fro-yo from yogurtland, and coffee jelly from 85 degrees bakery in irvine!  yum yum yum.

it’s sad because not all yogurtlands have coffee fro-yo.  and sometimes they have coffee fro-yo, but it’s not kona coffee fro-yo.  but kona coffee fro-yo is the BEST!  and also i have this unhealthy obsession with the coffee jelly at 85 degrees.  it’s better than boba.  i love it in their green milk tea, so you get this coffee-y milky sweet tea flavor.  i seriously crave it and i wish i could have it all the time.  i think this craving is especially bad because i can only fulfill it so sporadically.  lately i’ve been making us stop at 85 degrees whenever we drive back from torrance just so i can get it.  then i save my tea for days so i can drink a little bit at a time.  yes, i’m quite aware that i’m crazy.  but it’s seriously yummy.

i’ve even converted jason! 🙂


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