time for another adventure!

30 Sep

we’ve been back from our turks & caicos adventure for less than 4 weeks and i’m already ready for another vacation.  and a forced work shutdown during the week of february 20-24 means a 9 day window of opportunity!

so!  where shall we go??  i was hoping to (finally) go to europe, since 7 days (9 minus 2 for travel) is more than enough time to explore a few cities or countries (as long as we are SUPER FOCUSED!!), but jason reminded me that late february will be COLD in (most parts of) europe… especially the ones i’ve been tossing about (ireland, england, paris).  rawr.  so, we are rather undecided about that because i’m really unprepared for cold weather especially since i’ve lived in socal for the last 23 years of my life where there IS no winter.

but, since it will basically be the last last last real vacation we take before we start trying to have babies,  i figure it ought to be somewhere ridiculously awesome. 🙂

suggestions are welcome!!


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