tricky tricky husband.

9 Apr

whenever i get an unhealthy pregnancy craving (such as carne asada fries, or tonkatsu ramen, or milkshakes, or spam musubi), jason tells me “oh we’ll get it during the weekend ok?”  so then i pout and say ok because i’m obviously not going to drive to wherever by myself late at night in the middle of the work week. 

THEN on the weekend he distracts me with grocery shopping and looking at things for the baby and etc…  so we never end up going to get whatever it is that i was craving earlier in the week.


i have compiled a list!!

things i want to eat, in no particular order:
dan tat from 85 degrees.  far.
boba.  not too far but why is tea station so expensive??
ham and cheese croissants.  from tartines.  very very far.
carne asada fries and quesadillas from lolitas.
strawberry milkshakes from dairy queen.
refried beans from rubios.
spam musubi from homestyle hawaiian.
tonkatsu ramen from somewhere yummy.
soft pretzels from auntie anne’s.
artichoke dip that i have to make.  SIGH.


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