bye bye clothes.

17 May

i’m 26 weeks pregnant today, which means i’m ALMOST in my third trimester.  we’re almost there!!

this also means that i am reduced to about 2 pre-pregnancy shirts that are still long enough to cover my baby belly and fit comfortably enough that i can keep wearing them.  my wardrobe now mostly involves maternity clothing. months ago i packed away most of my pre-pregnancy clothes but even now, most of what i left out from the last “cleansing” doesn’t fit anymore…

so we went to target last night and got some more big plastic bins.  since jason and i are most likely going to be staying in our little condo until after we have the baby (the house hunting has basically stalled due to lack of properties on the market), i’ve started packing up things we don’t need in the immediate future (such as winter clothes, non nursing bras, books, etc) so we can start putting them into storage.  jason’s clothes are next!!!  he has so many that he doesn’t wear and they take up so much room!!

the plan is to empty closet space, rearrange a few things, and basically de-clutter.  we’re going to put away my desk that is currently in the guest bedroom and rearrange/redistribute the furniture in that room and our bedroom.  babyboy’s crib will go in the little alcove in our room between the bathroom and our giant king sized bed.  since i won’t be able to decorate a nursery before baby is born, i’ll have to content myself with just decorating the wall right behind his crib. 🙂

so many things to do!  we’re in double digits today!


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