time for another adventure!

30 Sep

we’ve been back from our turks & caicos adventure for less than 4 weeks and i’m already ready for another vacation.  and a forced work shutdown during the week of february 20-24 means a 9 day window of opportunity!

so!  where shall we go??  i was hoping to (finally) go to europe, since 7 days (9 minus 2 for travel) is more than enough time to explore a few cities or countries (as long as we are SUPER FOCUSED!!), but jason reminded me that late february will be COLD in (most parts of) europe… especially the ones i’ve been tossing about (ireland, england, paris).  rawr.  so, we are rather undecided about that because i’m really unprepared for cold weather especially since i’ve lived in socal for the last 23 years of my life where there IS no winter.

but, since it will basically be the last last last real vacation we take before we start trying to have babies,  i figure it ought to be somewhere ridiculously awesome. 🙂

suggestions are welcome!!


i met a sprout from brussels.

29 Sep

made brussels sprouts for the first time in my life over the weekend.  so so good.  i can’t believe i’ve been missing out on this yumminess my entire life.

1 lb brussels sprouts
2 tablespoons butter, melted
kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper

preheat oven to 400 degrees f.

trim ends of brussels sprouts and then toss with butter.  sprinkle with salt and pepper and spread in a baking pan.  roast for 35 to 40 minutes, until crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.  shake the pan every 10 minutes or so to brown the sprouts evenly. sprinkle with more kosher salt before serving.

jason’s solution.

20 Sep

me: “i’m really sad.”
jason: “oh no! why are you sad?”
me: “i want to be pretty.”
jason: “you are pretty!”
me: “no, i want to be pretty like keiko lynn.”
jason: “who’s keiko lynn?”
me: “she’s this blogger who is very pretty.”
jason: “i see.”  ::googles keiko lynn::
me:  “see!  pretty!”
jason:  “i don’t think she is prettier than you.”
me:  “LIES!”
jason: “ok you are not allowed to read her blog anymore.”
me:  “i see.”

summertime meals.

15 Jul

when summer comes around, i hate to cook.  it’s too darn hot to slave over the stove and then eat hot foods.  bleh!  so this is what jason and i have been eating instead.

1.  miso eggs.  so delicious.  we boil a bunch of eggs at a time and put them in the fridge in a big ziploc bag.

2.  furikake and green onions on top of tofu.  add a bit of sesame oil and soy sauce and it’s delicious!

3.  rice and furikake.

4.  salad.  lots and lots of salad.  yum.

5.  random costco food we have in our freezer.

6.  nasu dengaku.  except, i don’t precook the miso glaze and i also don’t prebake the eggplant.  because we’re lazy like that.

7.  mu saengchae.  so delicious and easy to make.


7 Jul

sometimes i forget.  i think we all do…  to thank God for the little things, because he provides them too.  and i would venture to say that they’re probably a lot less important than the other things we think we need, but yet He still provides.

so thanks Lord, for a sale on that thing i needed to buy.  for a favorite movie playing on tv right when i wanted to watch it.  for green lights all the way home.  for ice cream on a hot summer day.  for lotion that smells like apples and yummy baked chicken with crispy skin.

for everything i always forget to praise God for, thanks.

food, glorious food.

21 Jun

those who know my husband know that he is nice and sweet and easily excitable.  but what many don’t know is that he is also often grumpy and sullen and moody, rescueable only by yummy foods.  like meat.  and fried chicken.  and cheese.  and fried cheese.  and chicken.  and meat.

last night i actually took the time to caramelize onions.  i NEVER do it because it just takes too.  damn. long.  and you know, onions are onions, right?  but one look at my jasony’s happy expression when he eats my food is all i need to keep on cooking!

and so i love the days when my husband tells me that he can’t wait to eat the lunch i’ve prepared for him.  it makes me so happy.

you and me.

31 May

jason and i have been married for 3 years.  we’ve been “together” for almost 8, and friends for almost 10.  we argue healthily, as all couples who are not 100% compatible should.  we learn (hopefully) from every big argument.  but i’m a classic over-analyzer and i always wonder why did we argue about that?  how could we have prevented it?

so i spend all this time thinking and thinking and then spouting my findings to jason because i hate repeating the same arguments that we inevitably have because we just don’t operate the same way.

and often times, i’m struck by how different jason and i really are.  like, i’ve known for years that our decision making skills are very in line with our contrasting personalities– i weigh pros and cons, jason goes with his gut feeling– but i’m also learning (and accepting) that we just don’t think alike.

for example, this weekend we were arguing about something that i can’t even remember right now, and the root cause boiled down to this.

i’m naturally a very inquisitive person.  if i don’t understand something, i can’t just let it go, i have to ask questions or look it up or figure it out.  jason is naturally an explainer.  he explains and over explains, even when you don’t actually require an explanation.  so we interact very differently with each other and the world around us.  for example, i’ll say something and not explain myself because if i didn’t understand something, i would ask a question.  jason will hear me say something and not ask a question because he assumes that if it was important i would explain.  so then we misunderstand each other and it becomes this whole big thing that could have been avoided if i had only explained myself, or if jason would only have asked me to clarify.

so now i know, i have to try harder to explain things, and jason has to try harder to ask more questions.

who knew relationships were so hard??

pinterest is awesome.

31 May

and lovely.  and fun.  and really really time consuming…

because i find myself surfing the interwebs a WHOLE lot more just to find exciting things to post to my pinterest.

but i heart it.  it’s pretty awesome to see a whole bunch of pictures that you like in one place.  for example, i’ve discovered that i love confetti.  i never knew that before about myself, but seeing my pinterest boards, it’s super obvious.

my husband turns 30. oh wait, 29.

9 May

jason told me quite sadly the other day that he was turning 30.

i looked at him like he was crazy and asked “how old are you now?”

the wheels turned in his head as he did math.

lightbulb!  “oh wait.  i’m turning 29.”


happy birthday hubbin!  this time next year, you WILL be turning 30.  so make this year count!

where in the world…

13 Apr

i just keep adding to my “list of places i HAVE to travel to” instead of checking them off.  this sucks.

apparently i REALLY need to start taking more vacations.  (in no particular order… except the first, of course…)

1.  bora bora
2.  greece (santorini!)
3.  italy (venice and rome)*
4.  turks & caicos*
5.  new zealand
6.  japan (tokyo)
7.  thailand*
8.  paris, france
9.  USVI and BVI*
10. mexico (yucatan region)
11.  peru (machu picchu!)*
12.  ireland (castles!)
13.  taiwan
14.  morocco*
15.  egypt

* recent adds.  rawr.