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Brain Size

28 Feb

The other day we got to discussing brain sizes… of the lando!  I think we were eating hot pot and I started to ponder the size of lando’s brain.  We compared it to tofu blocks, meat ball, lobster ball or the odd cabbage chunk.  I think one beef tendon ball is a little small for lando’s brain.  Perhaps the size of two beef tendon balls.  Alas, the wifey thinks that too big.  I bet it is probably one and one-half beef tendon ball size.  Just perfect in the middle. =D  All this time what did lando do?  He gazed at us while we were discussing but mostly, he focused on some napa and cabbage pieces.  He was ready for his hot pot veggie snack!  He doesn’t need a big brain, just big enough to use his cuteness to his advantage!


Supply Management

5 Feb

I started a new position this week.  I am now learning about supply management and demand.  It’s quite interesting!  I am also learning a lot about excel.  It is amazing the things a pivot table can do! And all these short cuts and wow. So much data to sift through!  It’s crazy!  It seems that I will need to become excel guru in order to do well at my new job.  Ugh.  Well, maybe I can just utilize the wifey who is already an excel guru. =D  I get to work with some knowledgeable and reliable people.  I hope I can contribute!  I also heard a great phrase!  “You stupid cow!”  It’s awesome. =D  I haven’t had much time to go through my e-mail and read my reader.  I feel out of loop with CNN and the food blogs that I follow. It is kind of a weird feeling.  I guess I like knowing what is happening around the world via CNN, even though CNN has some really weird stuff.  Ok, that’s it from me. Back to homework!

Stolen Chair!

25 Jan

I came into work this morning and immediately noticed something.  My chair color was red.  Red?  Hey, my chair color was black!  Oh noes! Someone stole my chair and replaced it!!! O_O WTF?!  I looked around but could not find my chair.  <sniff>  I saw on the red chair and it was alright.  Not as comfortable.  The arm rests do not adjust.  Dang it!  I went to look around again, hoping to spot my old chair.  NG.  I saw again on the red chair and preceded to sink.  The chair sinks!!! Nooo! Or maybe I got fat.  <sigh>  So I ended up switching my chair with another chair without arm rests.  At least it won’t sink on me anymore!  Gr! Chair stealer!  I will mark my chair from now on!  Well, at my new position anyway.  HA!

Knight and Day

20 Jan

We got to watch this on blu-ray the other night.  The wifey heard good reviews so we decided to pick it up from Blockbusters.  It was a pretty good action film, better than I thought it would be.  The story was well written and there wasn’t any loose ends that they forgot to tie off.  Some of it was definitely cheesy and unbelievable but that’s movie magic for you.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of advanced romance scenes between the two main characters.  It was nice that they did not detract from the story by showing those types of scenes.  I enjoyed Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise in this film.  I had one weird thought when I watched the film.  The boots that Cameron Diaz’s character worn in the film was pretty cute.  This is the influence of the wifey who had been looking at boots during the winter season.  I blame you for wiring my brain to notice these girlie things.  There were some subtle humor thrown in to keep the film on a lighter tone.  I loved the island scene, gorgeous!  What a great vacation spot that would be! I enjoyed all the different locations the film showed.  I find myself noticing things like architecture and design in films now.  I think this is another influence of the wifey.  Anyway, the pace of the movie is good.  There is lots of action and some great chase scenes.  I think that part where June Haven was shooting the machine gun was pretty hilarious.  Roy had to perform some crazy acrobatic feats to avoid being shot by his companion.  Haha! Overall, definitely worth renting.

Office snacking

10 Jan

I have noticed that I tend to snack more when I am working in the office.  I don’t know why but I need to munch on something.  Sometimes it is hunger but I think the munching helps to provide a distraction from the constant staring of the computer screen.  I think this is why I gained weight at my last job.  Not great. =D  I am eating some of the yummy gifts that the wifey got.  It isn’t just me.  I have noticed that lots of people have snacks hidden in the drawers or whatnot.  There is also a lot of sharing that goes on.  Haha.  Everybody likes to snack in front of computers?

Never Say Never!

8 Jan

Today we saw Tangled in theaters.  It was better than I thought it would be.  Nice job Disney!  I really enjoyed the movie.  It made me laugh and it made my wife cry. =D I also loved the chameleon character, Pascal.  But that is not for this post.  Rather the previews really struck me today.  Well, one in particular.  Apparently there will be a movie titled, “Never Say Never,” coming out soon.  Wait for it.  It’s about… Justin Bieber!  OMG. Really?  He is going to have a movie about his rise to fame?  He must be more famous than I thought!  He is talented.  They showed a home video of young Justin beating out a rhythm on a chair with his hands.  Very impressive at that age.  Heck, there are some people I know at my age who can’t do that!  Still, a movie?  I guess they want to satisfy the fans… and make more money off of him.  How old is he?  16? 17?  Dang.  I want my own movie! Well, maybe not.  It’d be boring and earn the worst movie of the year. I’d only have 1 and 1/2 fans.  My wife and my dog. Ha!

Dinner with Family

30 Dec

This is Jason posting.

Tonight I got the chance to have dinner with my dad and stepmom.  I haven’t seen them in a couple of years I think.  Basically since they moved to Merced I have not seen them.  Merced is so out of the way from any place that the wifey and I would visit in NorCal that we just haven’t made the effort. Yeah, I’m a bad son.  I do call….or I let my dad call. =D  Anyway.  We had issues deciding on a restaurant but finally settled on Mimi’s Cafe.  Apparently my dad and stepmom frequent this restaurant.  My stepmom likes to order their meatloaf while my dad gets the jambalaya.  He likes jambalaya?  Weird! I never know what to order at Mimi’s Cafe.  There is one dish that the wifey and I do like which is the spinach and artichoke dip.  We were even there for the happy hour discount of $2 off appetizers!  Unfortunately they ran out of the dip. O_o So strange.  Eventually I ordered their honey dijon salmon meal with french onion soup and beignets for dessert.  The wifey got this chicken spaghetti with french onion soup and caramel apple crisp with ice cream scoop!  Well, everyone got french onion soup except for Jimmy.  He got broccoli and cheddar. Oh, guess what else Mimi’s ran out of? Meatloaf and mushrooms.  Yes, weird.  Stepmom got the mahi mahi meal instead.  Anyway.  It was a good dinner with random topics.  We had a good time.  It was very nice actually. My dad seems older and skinnier but healthy looking.  It was good.  In the end we all had a talk about Jimmy. Hahah.  That was pretty fun. =D


30 Dec

This is Jason posting,

The time has come for another expansion of WoW!  Apparently the game just keeps on going!  It’s the third expansion and the level cap has risen up to 85.  I wonder if it will keep going and expand all the way to level 100? =D We bought it and haven’t really had time to play it.  I’ve played a bit of the new content here and there.  These games, it is hard to put down completely after putting in so many hours.  It’s kinda crazy.  Onward? It’s cheap entertainment? I think I’m tired now. Staring at line after line in the excel file is making me kinda crazish.  And SAP rawr! RAWR! But thank goodness for people like Casey! =D

Movie Magic

29 Dec

This is Jason posting.

I watched lots of tv during the summers when I was young.  Actually, I think I just watched a lot of tv in general until high school.  I saw lots of movies on the tube.  I loved watching these interesting movies that show adventure and fantastical things.  Back to the Future parts 1 to 3 were just cool.  Time travel? Yeah! Deloreans? The doors flip up! I thought it was cool.  Indiana Jones?  Who wouldn’t love to explore ancient runes and discover treasure?  Also gotta crack that whip! Ha! I also enjoyed fantasy movies like Willow.  I watched sci-fi movies like planet of the Apes.  Flying through space would have been amazing.  Star Trek?  Find alien planets or discover space anomalies?  Neat!  I would just be transported into what I was watching and let me imagination fly.  I love that part of watching movies and shows.  That movie magic is pretty amazing.  These days it is harder to find movies that really transport the viewer into imagination.  That’s what I love.  Don’t you?


25 Dec

This is Jason posting.

I have officially shucked an oyster!  Well, several in fact!  It is so much harder than seen on tv.  Man.  These oysters can really clam up!  One of the dinner guests brought live oysters for us to eat during dinner.  It was pretty exciting to think that we’ll finally get to taste raw oyster on the half shell.  Then came the preparation.  The oysters were rather large.  The first knife I used was kinda thin.  It wasn’t really suited for the purpose of forcing open the shell.  The wifey gave some direction and I proceeded to use them.  I was suppose to force my knife in through a crack and then wiggle it around to open the shell.  So that’s what I did!  I realized that I had to wiggle it and cut the oyster from its muscle that was shutting up the shells.  Once that happened, it was easy to pry open the shell.  The wifey gave me a thicker knife to use and it was much easier to shuck after that.  It really does take some practice to get it down just right.  The first couple I had were really mutilated but the last few were nearly whole.  I also had to hold the oyster right so that I would cut the oyster into the dipped shell part.  It was interesting!  Definitely work!

The taste of oyster. Hm.  It is very unique.  I thought it would be slimy but it wasn’t.  It was very smooth.  The flavor filled my mouth.  It gave a deep sense of the ocean.  There is definitely a briny taste but it wasn’t too bad.  The briny taste was like clams but urm..richer?  I can see why people eat raw oysters with some type of  acidic sauce.  I will have to try it next time.  I didn’t dislike the taste but I didn’t really fall in love with it.  Perhaps I just need to eat it with the right sauce.  I’ll definitely try it again.  The raw oyster on the half shell does look a bit intimidating.  Very neat culinary experience!